Transfer form between projects

Is it possible to transfer a form from one board to the other? I’d like to change the project that the tasks created by the board end up on without needing to update my entire team with a new link to the new board’s form. Another option: can i customize a form’s link (i.e. to be the same as the old link?)



You can’t move a form and you can’t customize the link. What you can do however is have a rule to multi-home any task submission from the original project to the other.

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Hi @Danika_Schultz, welcome to the Asana Community forum :wave:t2:

Hopefully this is something we can implement for Forms in the future!

I’m moving your thread to the #productfeedback category for the time being to give you and other community members an option to vote for this feature!

I’ll let you know if we have any updates :slight_smile:


I’d like to see this ability too. We have two forms we use - one for creative requests and the other for content marketing requests - sometimes the wrong form is used. I need an easy way to move from one project to another.


Please consider adding the ability to rehome forms from one project to another.


New Asana user here, it’s a shame this hasn’t been implemented yet. Just spent ages setting up a new form, to find I set it up on the wrong project and now need to rebuild the form.

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SAME! :frowning:

I agree!

Yep, my form was huge and I’ve now realised it can’t be used in its current project.

Supporting leaders and using forms to manage meeting requests has been great. However, having to create new forms for each project had been tedious. I have figured out how to make a template and then use the template for new projects. Existing projects are so much more complicated to update.

In addition, many of my associates still refuse to migrate to Asana because of this difficulty and are looking at SLACK as a better collaborative option.

To me that’s worrying. Slack is a chat tool. Not a tool where you assign and track work :scream:

This is a no-brainer feature. It really stings to make a comprehensive form in one project only to learn that it’s needed elsewhere and having to redo the whole thing.

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