Tracking multiple trades projects in asana

Hey everyone.
We have a tech company that designs and installs systems (AV, lighting design, automation, security, etc) into commercial projects and residential homes. Each project has similar processes, but wanting to track tasks and comms across all projects in one platform, asana looks good. Are there any electrical or construction firms that have templated solutions that they have found work well?

@Vaughan_Armstrong - you might check out the CSV Importer -

While there are some fantastic templates available, I rely heavily on the import process to bring in the more specialized workflows. The great part about these are you can customize them how you see fit - with assignees, due dates, custom fields, etc. Iā€™d recommend building configuration files with drop down menus in excel for each of these trades. If you have a repeated process for these types of projects, this will save you a ton of time. Once each file is configured to your liking, simply save your file as a csv so the data can be imported into Asana.

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Nice one thanks Jerod!