Tracking how often a due date has changed on a task

We are currently looking into productivity numbers re: individual tasks. We’re investigating how to track how many times a task’s due date has changed over it’s history.

With some manual analysis, we’re able to calculate:

  • Number of tasks overdue
  • Avg days to completion (excluding negative values)
  • Avg days overdue (excluding negative values)

The reason why we want to measure “tasks with due dates changed” is that if a task’s due date has changed, then technically it can be considered NOT overdue since the target is always changing…

Is there anyone in the forum/Asana that could provide a recommendation?

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Hey @Alex_Peck! I believe this can be done via the API (Build an app with Asana) but @Bastien_Siebman might be able to give you more details?

I’ve got Postman set up and able to successfully perform GET, PUT, POST calls.

However, I’m not able to view where/if a task’s due date has changed. This is what I’m using:

Essentially, I want to view all tasks that is_edited=true (specific to the due date).

@Bastien_Siebman let me know if you have any suggestions!

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I never used stories, maybe @Diakoptis can help though…
You need this on every tasks in an Organization?

@Alex_Peck what you are doing can help a lot of people that need the same kind of stuff, if you do find a solution, make sure to come back here to share. If that requires to be packaged in a product, make sure to talk to me, I can help :slight_smile:

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Hey @Alex_Peck,

You will need to fetch the task stories and keep only them with type: system and contain in text field the string “due date”. Unfortunately you will need to parse the date text to transform it in a date for keep tracking the date change for the previous changes.

Hope I helped.

Ps the is_edited field concerns if the story (comments) is edited. Not the task itself.


Thanks for your help guys - I’ll do some more digging.


Keep us posted @Alex_Peck! :slight_smile:

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Since this was last discussed over a year ago, I want to check in on it. For example, if a task is due today and not completed, a person can simply change the due date to a new date a couple weeks out. Is there anywhere where those changes in due dates are tracked, or is that something I have to do manually?


The change is logged in the activity of the task. With the new Rules feature you can do things when the due date is changed, like flag the task!


Hi @Bastien_Siebman - While looking at rules, I noticed manual rules, like flagging the due date changed is only available in business plan. How do a team size of 15 track it in there premium plan

You can’t unless using other tools like Flowsana or maybe Zapier :thinking:

I’m looking for a report of all tasks that had their due date changed AFTER it was initially set. When I looked at the rules options, it seems like the rule triggers are just whether it’s been changed or there isn’t a due date set. So, every time the due date is set the first time, it triggers the rule. Then again when it’s set again (this is the only one I want). How can I report on if the due date was changed after being initially set?


Your only solution is to have people choose the due date outside of the project and then add the task to the project… Or use Zapier maybe? :man_shrugging:

Agree! I need this as well. The solution that was suggested:

is surely understood by others, but this reads like a different language to me, unfortunately. :rofl: My team members are famous for kicking the can down the road by continually changing due dates; it would be a game-changer to be able to have the Original Due Date remain in the task so we can see how Overdue things actually are, instead of just being masked by constantly-changing Due Dates.

OR, does anyone else have a suggestion for a workaround? I’d be so grateful. Thank you!


Much. Much needed. Has anyone had a good solution/recommendation?

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There is a rule trigger “Due date changed” so you can have various actions like comment on the task, multi-home into a project… But only a few actions will allow you to track how many times it happened. Multi-homing works once. Commenting will work but makes it harder to consolidate results… Sorry no simple solutions for you on this one…

Since this request was made, rules were added to Asana (Business and Enterprise Plans) so you can track the number of due date changes by starting with a rule trigger of Task Updated > Due Date.

A good action to use would be Create new subtask. That will leave residue of each date change which you can then count at any time. Just one subtask may mean the date was set initially (as an early post her pointed out) depending on how you initially get the date set and whether it triggers this rule or not, so you may want to subtract one from the count of these added subtasks to see how many actual date changes there were.

A refinement: If the project already has a Count numeric custom field that subtasks inherit, or if you multihome the subtask to a project with a Count numeric custom field, you can set that value to 1. (You can do all that in the rule action setup step once.) Then if you showed the Count field as a column in list view, it could sum the total for you and you have a counter showing how many times the date was changed for a task, although you’d have to expand the subtasks to see that.

Hope that helps,



Wow amazing idea, loving it!

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The funniest part: It’s a subtask that provides the solution! :slight_smile:


I am considering creating a website and list examples :heart: :hugs: