Tracking how often a due date has changed on a task



We are currently looking into productivity numbers re: individual tasks. We’re investigating how to track how many times a task’s due date has changed over it’s history.

With some manual analysis, we’re able to calculate:

  • Number of tasks overdue
  • Avg days to completion (excluding negative values)
  • Avg days overdue (excluding negative values)

The reason why we want to measure “tasks with due dates changed” is that if a task’s due date has changed, then technically it can be considered NOT overdue since the target is always changing…

Is there anyone in the forum/Asana that could provide a recommendation?


Hey @Alex_Peck! I believe this can be done via the API ( but @Bastien_Siebman might be able to give you more details?


I’ve got Postman set up and able to successfully perform GET, PUT, POST calls.

However, I’m not able to view where/if a task’s due date has changed. This is what I’m using:

Essentially, I want to view all tasks that is_edited=true (specific to the due date).

@Bastien_Siebman let me know if you have any suggestions!


I never used stories, maybe @Diakoptis can help though…
You need this on every tasks in an Organization?

@Alex_Peck what you are doing can help a lot of people that need the same kind of stuff, if you do find a solution, make sure to come back here to share. If that requires to be packaged in a product, make sure to talk to me, I can help :slight_smile:


Hey @Alex_Peck,

You will need to fetch the task stories and keep only them with type: system and contain in text field the string “due date”. Unfortunately you will need to parse the date text to transform it in a date for keep tracking the date change for the previous changes.

Hope I helped.

Ps the is_edited field concerns if the story (comments) is edited. Not the task itself.


Thanks for your help guys - I’ll do some more digging.


Keep us posted @Alex_Peck! :slight_smile: