Tracking Dependencies

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I am trying to find out if there is a way to track dependencies when I am creating a report in Asana. I really want to know things like the total # of dependencies in the project, average dependencies per task, number of dependencies by workflow state etc. There just doesn’t seem to be any reporting related to dependencies at all. For now, I guess my only option is to export to .CSV and then use Excel to generate something. But that’s fiddly and not as visually appealing as having it all in Asana directly.

Have I missed something somewhere, or is there no way to track any statistics relating to depencies at the moment?


Hi @James_Arup ,

I do not believe this functionality exists (currently) in Asana. Short of your export solution, I think the only other way to do something like this would be using the API and/or 3PP integrators. I do think it’s an interesting concept (and one that doesn’t have much coverage in the forum currently). Consider creating a post (or modifying this one and moving it) in the Product Feedback category, where you and others will be able to vote for it and hopefully get on the product team’s radar.

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Search box > Advanced search > Add filter offers the Dependencies parameter:

You could do multiple saved search results reports to capture some of the info you need, perhaps.



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Thanks for the responses so far! I may well drop this over in the product feedback channel if it will help in the future.

I did try the Advanced Search filter, but (unless I missed something) this just seems to generate a list of all my tasks that have dependencies, rather than a list of the dependencies themselves, and their status.

I’ll keep poking around and I’ll see if some of our guys here can get in there with an API to get this data out instead.