Tracking Client Project Conversion Rate

Does anyone have tips for tracking conversion rates on client projects? We are set up with each client design project existing as a dedicated project within our Design team.

I’ve added a custom field to track whether client converted (Yes,No options) and have tried to build a custom chart in my reporting dashboard - screenshot below for details - but it isn’t populating any information.

Any thoughts on why this might be or better solutions for tracking conversion rate?


Thanks for reaching out @Katie_Andrews1! I’m adding our Partners - Forum Leaders to this thread to see if they have any tips since some of them also work with clients :slight_smile: @pforumleader

Hi @Katie_Andrews1

In my coaching company on Asana (, we have our CRM in Asana, so we have a lead and customer management pipeline.

1 project tracks the pipeline with different stages: to contact, appointment, quote, customer, … In this project, a prospect is a task. Dashboards allow a follow-up of the pipeline.

Then when the prospect becomes a customer, we have 1 project per customer from a project template to follow the operational part, and the invoices.

With projects it should work also, but I wanted to give you the idea of having 1 task = 1 prospect, which could be eaisier to manage until a prospect becomes a client.

What do you think about this?




Adding @Julien_RENAUD’s pipeline recommendation — that is where I would add the field for the conversion and use either another custom field or the assignee field to make your Donut chart with.

Please note that in order to get the conversion RATE you would actually have to do some manual calculations.

Also – if you’re attempting to track yes vs. no you would need to create 2 charts. Right now there isn’t a way for the charts to tell you who and what in the same graph, just if it meets the conditions you established in the filter.

Here is a sample image of how I got data in the graph using a custom field and assignee on one task.



Just another thought, you could use the number field to get conversion rates 1=Converted 0=Not Converted and then use the number chart style using the Convert Numerical Column and create one for each person or use the bar or lollipop graph to give you the information you’re looking for.


Hey Julien,

So the people in this project aren’t prospects, they are actually clients at this point. We basically have two phases of our landscaping projects: (1) design and (2) build out. I’m designing the project for the design phase.

I believe the right way to do this is to have each client’s design be its own project vs a task in a master project. The main reason being that I want to report on stats like active projects by project owner (in our case designer), and projects by status. BUT because Ive structured it this way, I can’t seem to figure out how the conversion aspect plays in.

Hey @Christine_Bolton this sounds promising but I’m afraid I’m getting a bit lost when trying to replicate.

So I have my project that is set up to hold all of the tasks related to ONE client design project at a time, with each phase of the design process broken out into sections. I’ve added a custom field titled ‘Conversion’ with 2 options: Yes, No

When creating a chart, I’ve replicated the settings shown in your screenshot but it’s still pulling a void chart. Ideally the donut chart would show how many projects had the conversion field marked as ‘yes’ and how many ‘no’ but if that needs to be broken up into two separate charts that’s fine.


What are you trying to track conversion rates for? When I think of conversion rates I think of prospects who became clients.

I think it would help if you told us what you were trying to get a conversion rate for, because if this is what you are trying to accomplish I still recommenced you go with one project for your sales pipeline and gather the data that way.

We’re not suggesting the project be a task with the deliverables housed within it, we’re suggesting that you have one project that tracks clients and whether or not they converted.

Lastly, I would need to see a screenshot of your settings to help you with why you are getting a null chart.

@Christine_Bolton Ah yes sorry for missing that key detail - we are trying to track conversion of design clients into build out clients. Because not everyone who commissions a design from us will end up using us to build the design in their yard.

I actually think your second suggestion of using the # field works perfectly - thank you!