Converstion Ratios

Dara Asana Masters,

We have set up a nice sales funnel for our Leads in an Asana Project. :heart::muscle:

Our stages (sections in Kanban) are Smart Call (10 min) » VIP Call (45 min) » YES (Customers) or NO (Non-Customers), etc… When a Lead books a call it creates a Task in the Smart Call section, and then we move ahead the Tasks (=People) from section to section as we go along the funnel. My question is, how can we generate conversion rates in Asana to see how good our sales reps are in a given week? The most important would be to know and see visually what is the Conversion Rate (Customers / VIP Calls) and the Vip Call % (Smart Call / Vip Call Ratio).

What are your best practices and how can we do this in Asana? Any help would be much appreciated. :wink::pray: Thank you very much in advance!