Track subtasks easily or See subtasks in timeline and in calendar view

Hi, I am creating some subtasks that are closely related to existing tasks.
However, I can not see the subtasks in the timeline or in the calendar view.
I have seen another topic that you can see the subtasks in the Team Calendar but not in your normal calendar !!!
Anyway, subtasks is a nice concept but you can not track them as easy as main tasks. Maybe I am not doing this correctly.
I can not see my subtasks on timeline or in calendar so I will have to go to my general tasks and hunt them down, also I can not see a way to filter for them in advanced search.

If there are easier ways to track and follow subtasks I would be happy to know.

Kind regards


Hi @George_Bizas, thank you for posting. Subtasks do not inherit the Project from their parent task. In order for subtasks to show in Calendar or any other view, they will need to be manually added to a Project.

Once this is done, you will be able to view them in your personal or Team Calendar. Also, if you need to search for subtasks using the Advanced Search tool, you can add a filter “Subtask”:

I hope this helps, George! :slight_smile:


That is perfect! Adding the project manually is not a big deal.

Thank you.

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What is the rationale for subtasks not inheriting the Project of their parent task?

Hi @John_Black, Marie here, stepping in for Vanessa!

The fact that subtask does not inherit attributes from their parent task is actually a product limitation. Subtasks were created a long time ago under an older data model which restricted it us in making subtasks more efficient. We’re currently transitioning toward a new data model which will allow us to build stronger subtasks. While I don’t have a timeline to share just yet, rest ensured that this is on our radar. n my end, I’ll make sure to make an announcement as soon as I have more details and timeline to share!

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