Track key attributes with a simple ✔ "Boolean" custom field (instead of Yes | No)

This post is one of several Forum Leaders tips I’ve contributed related to custom fields. See the Document Your Organization’s Global Available Custom Fields, which includes a list of the others.

Asana doesn’t offer a checkbox type of custom field which is typically offered among available form field types, but no worries–you can easily simulate one in Asana as follows:

Create a single-select type custom field with a name like Approved, Submitted, Nonprofit?*, Hot, Critical, or whatever attribute you want to track.

Instead of specifying the more typical option values of Yes and No, just specify a single option value, which often may best be served by a simple :heavy_check_mark: emoji (or for Hot or Critical, perhaps :fire: instead), or any value you like. I think it looks best to designate the first color (light grey) because no extra attention will need to be called to this field:

The unset default (blank) value for the field is helpful because it doesn’t add any clutter to your screen.

The presence of the single (emoji) value in a column of otherwise mostly empty cells really stands out nicely:

One caveat: If you need to report on the unset state of this attribute in Dashboards or Universal Reporting, I recommend you test first. Reporting on the “checked” value is not a concern, but reporting on the “unchecked” value may pose a problem because no actual option exists for that state using this approach. In that case, you should use two option values, not one.

For full consideration of using this tip to indicate priority, see also:




You basically described our Priority field we used for the past 3 years :slight_smile: :muscle:

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@Bastien_Siebman, I’ve been using this a long time, too, as have my clients, but I realized I’d never formally published this in a generic way in the Forum.


I believe in this case it goes beyond and we could even make a post on why having a single level of priority is probably a good idea (for a lot of reasons)

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Isn’t that the same as my earlier Forum Leaders tips I linked to above?:


100% to these - hate priority fields… everything is always top priority to the customer so love that you are sharing these other ways of demonstrating hot topics.

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This is exactly what I’m looking for, but can someone help me with HOW to set this up? It enters as “: heavy_check_mark :” not the emoji/ icon and shows up as text in the field. Thanks!


Use the copy button here:

or Mac and Windows have shortcuts for emoji entry:

That helped, thank you. But it is going to still show up as a drop-down, not as a “one-click” checkbox item - is that right? Is there another way for it to be set as a standard checkbox that’s already visible, and all my team needs to go in and do is click on it to be checked?

No, sorry!

Okay, this is still great, thanks so much!

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