Tips to reduce/filter notifications in Asana


Have you tried “un-following” tasks and/or projects so your inbox is only filled with @ mentions?

Open Thread: Introducing browser notifications!

I’m the owner of all projects. It’s not realistic.


What about turning off certain notifications for each project under the project members panel and then “Manage Member Notifications”


Yes, I’ve tried those as well. It’s not enough.


You mentioned:

creates a task, assigns a task, comments on a task, likes a task, etc.

The way to turn off “creates a task” would be from the menu I just provded a screenshot of. Same for comments on a task. As for “assigns a task”. Are you referring to a task being assigned to you? You wouldn’t get a notification if someone assigns a task to someone else.

When you create a project and create all the tasks for the project, do you make sure you are un-following all the tasks you created that don’t pertain to you? By default, you are assigned as a follower for any tasks you create, regardless of who it is eventually assigned to.

It might take some time, but the inbox is manageable if you follow simple procedures while setting a project up.


Hi Tyler,

I appreciate your suggestions, but they are not sustainable. I change the project settings for every project I create. However, the tasks in each project are too many to unfollow.


Have you tried doing an advanced search for a project after creating it and then selecting all the tasks (click the top one, hold down shift and select the last one) and then mass un-follow them?

Step 1:

Step 2:


You may be onto something with the bulk change to unfollow. I just did it on a project with fewer than 50 tasks. I’ll see how it goes. Thanks for the suggestion.


Hi folks,

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