Timeline View for "My Tasks" and "Searched Tasks"

Timeline view has been very helpful to plan projects as a traffic manager. As a creative, I believe more options to view “my tasks” are needed, especially having a timeline view can help with tasks that have start/end dates as visually there’d be an overlap of the visually longer tasks and make it evident to the creative to not oversee these type of tasks just because it isn’t due this week.
If somehow timeline view can be offered even when doing tasks searches, that would be amazing! Since we bookmark these searches often…but we’re limited on how we see the searched tasks to just list/calendar/files.

Hi @EdRamirez,

We already have a topic in #productfeedback for Timeline on MyTasks, so I would encourage you to vote on this thread: Add Timeline to My Task

Could you elaborate a little more what you envision for this? It sounds super interesting!

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