Timeline bug - Adding empty days from template

Hello Asana community,

We just tried to use one of our template and faced a severe issue with the timeline function.

Our template is setup to start on a Monday so we can easily move the starting date thanks to the Timeline function to the rightful starting date and respect the timings. In this case, we move it from Monday to Wednesday.

  1. When copied, the project is exactly the same, dependencies properly setup with the new dates only. All timings are correct and no gaps between different tasks (see first screenshot Monday)
  2. After moving the first task to Wednesday, Timeline does the magic to move all dependent tasks
  3. HOWEVER: It creates some empty days for no reason! This cause issues with the timeline which is not respected :disappointed: See 2nd screenshot Wednesday
  4. 2 empty days are appearing out of nowhere. At the beginning of the process, it looks fine but after 1 min the program keeps on moving things it shouldn’t.

This is a big issue, are you aware of this bug? Anyway to fix it asap? This wasn’t happening before and an urgent bug to fix.



Hmm, yes…I ran a quick test using a template, and I found some unexpected behavior that I consider buggy.

First, I created a project, then made it a template:

Second, I created a new project from the template, choosing a new start date, and not scheduling work on weekends:

That looks correct, as the actual amount of workdays is preserved, and weekends are treated as non-working days.

Third, I created another project from the original template, and had it start on Sept 10, a Friday:

I used a defined start date, only - no calculated end date:

The resulting schedule does NOT look right. Task 3 in the template includes 4 working days (2 before the weekend, 2 after), plus the 2 included weekend days…which should be ignored. Yet now I see Task 3 including SIX (not 4) working days PLUS a weekend! And a time crunch has been created. This is quite unexpected. Thoughts @Marie @Phil_Seeman @lpb ?

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Can you post a screenshot of the resulting template you describe at the end? You did a great job of posting all of the screenshots up until that, but then stopped! :astonished: A screenshot’ll be a lot easier to grok than the text description. Thanks!

The first screenshot IS the template. What view did you have in mind?

OK, I misunderstood what you were saying; I went back and re-read it and now I see.

I followed the same steps and was able to reproduce the problem. I agree, @Stephanie_Oberg, it sure looks like a bug to me.

@Community_Managers, I’m moving this to the bug section; could you check and see if you can repro this issue as well?

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Hi all, thanks for flagging and providing such detail!

I’ve gone ahead and raised this with our Product team. I’ll keep you posted! :slight_smile:

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Hello Stephanie,
I faced a similar issue before. Your template starts on the 1st September (which is on Wednesday). When you start from another week day than the one in your template, you might face this issue that weekend “avoid conflict” functionality doesn’t work fine.
We changed all our template to start on a Monday so we can shift after to the rightful day of start. This should work out… But I faced my weird bug as well.
@Phil_Seeman @Rebecca_McGrath can you have a look at my initial post/issue?

Hi Fabien - sorry if I hijacked your bug report. I suspect the mods (@CommunityManagerOnly ) are assuming/treating your report and mine as the same issue. I do see that you have planned your templates to create projects starting only on Monday (vs. mine which I moved to start on a Wednesday in one case), but still have an issue with needless gaps being added. I agree your issue is not identical, and I suspect we could find some more odd behaviors with various templates. So far the big failure modes are:

  1. Space (of 1 day) added between 2 Tasks for no reason (your report)
  2. Days (two) added to Task 3 for no reason (mine)
  3. Dependency crunch created from Task 3 being moved to start earlier, despite scheduling constrained only by a Start Date (mine)

It took me all of 5 minutes to find the 2 wrong behaviors I note. More time spent testing various cases and combination of starting template, starting day or date, and active use of the project (including rescheduling) could produce more error reports, probably all variations on a theme.

The above, to my eye, fully makes the case that the calculation of project days based on a template has serious bugs. The solution will be to thoroughly inspect whatever is creating those erroneous calcs and fix it. All the bugs above will then be solved at the same time. However, I would not recommend holding my breath for Asana to fix. This is just my opinion, user to user. I’m sorry…

Hi Stephanie,
Are you using subtasks?
I realised the problem comes from subtask dependency actually.

A few month back, the subtasks weren’t incorporated in the Asana workflow for dependencies. We included them and made them block the mother task so we would make sure operation team would complete each task before marking the mother task as completed (you receive a message if a dependent task is not finished)

But suddenly without advising, the whole setup changed and subtasks are now somehow working in this feature… Reason why it was pushing my tasks. Subtasks between subtasks are able to move each other now as well… which can lead to many days of postponement without realising.

I’m a bit disappointed we weren’t informed about such important updates of features as it has a strong impact on the workflow of our templates.
Hopefully this means Asana developers understood that subtasks are commonly used by companies and they integrate them better now.

If Asana would like to improve the subtask integration for effort + timeline field this would be amazing :ok_hand:

Interesting! My example did NOT use Subtasks, so the bug(s) I found are distinct from the behavior you discuss.

And I agree totally…when that type of behavior is changed, it really should be clearly announced.

Seems to be a related trouble report here, which the developers say is working as expected: Moving a tasks dependent item to finish on a Monday changes task duration - #8 by Emily_Roman

Any update on this @Rebecca_McGrath ? Is this replicated and acknowledged as a bug?

Hi @Stephanie_Oberg, while this has been acknowledged by our Product team, we don’t have any updates or resolutions as of yet. I’ll update this thread once I receive any news.

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It’s October again, perfect time to ask for an update on the timeline bug filed 1 year ago. Any update @Rebecca_McGrath ?