How to Include Weekends when creating Project from Template

Hi there!

I’m new to Asana and just began creating projects for my team. I need to create all projects from a template and base every task on the start date. I created a project, populated all tasks in the right place (including weekend days), and then converted it to a template. But when I create a new project, it moves everything off of weekends. How do I get it to use the template exactly as I created it and not move tasks off of weekend days?

(We are a performing arts company and often have shows on weekend days, and tasks that have to be completed the day before and the day after, regardless of day of the week).

Thank you!


When you edit a date in the template, you can click on “After project start date”

and the dialog shown will have “skip weekends” checked by default, you can untick that box.


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