Time tracking (via Harvest) to a custom field? Or?

For one of our clients, we need to provide a summary of time spent each month by cost center. Every individual task will be assigned to a cost center (I’m thinking as a custom field in Asana). But the time tracking integration tracks to a task.

Any suggestions on how I can make it smooth for the team to track their task-level time directly into a grouping this?

The kludgy solution is to replicate the list of cost centers as Harvest tasks for this project, and have the team manually match up the custom field to the task in the time tracking popup. But experience shows that these kinds of manual methods are assured to be full of errors.

Anything manual can be done using the Asana API I guess, but you would need a developer and a budget :sweat_smile:


Never tried it myself, but I think Toggl works with Asana

Would that help in this case?

I’m not completely sure about their complete offering (besides easy time tracking)
I assume they possibly have additional features like summaries which could be relevant in this case

I’ve used WeeklyTimelog with a few teams. It automatically tracks tasks statuses, centralizes timelogs and provides means to analyze costs. Check it out. https://weeklytimelog.com

Did you ever find an integration between Harvest and Asana custom fields?


I’d suggest tracking time for a task with TMetric https://tmetric.com/ , and its integration with Asana works like magic

If I understand correctly the use case, you can create a custom field and track time in tasks, and then group the time in Everhour reports by this custom field. Works via Everhour + Asana integration.