Time tracking across board columns

Hi guys,

I have a pipeline workflow built in a board project and I wanna track the tasks time spent in each column of the board.
There is some integrated app/plugin that can track the task time between columns?


Hi @Fillipe and welcome to the Forum!

Have you tried the Integration Everhour?

You can find here some more time tracking app officially compatible with Asana: https://asana.com/apps?category=time-tracking

You can also have a look at this post from Kaitie: Do you track your time? . You might find her post and the follow-up posts useful.

I hope this helps! Please, let me know if you have any follow-up questions!

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Hello @Natalia!

I tried the Everhour, even talk with the support team. But like the others integrations that I tried they only track tasks in the user perspective, not in pipeline/workflow perspective.

With these integrations, the time track always needs to be related to a user. It is not possible to track all the time that a task stays in a column (status).


@Fillipe @Natalia this is supported out of the box in the Screenful dashboard for Asana. You can learn more about this feature at the Tour page.

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That’s Not exactly true! Screenful is tracking only three statements: not started; in progress; done
But, when I was trying to track more than these three statements I faced with a problem - you can’t add another statements or I couldn’t find them(