Time series plot based on Goal progress status updates

Hi all!

It would really great to see my Goals evolution in time, in order to check why it got worst or better in each period. The sequence of status updates contain the Goal progress compared to its starting point. These two information make this feature possible.


Hi @Gilberto_Vilar , welcome to the forum :wave:

If you use Status updates for your Goals, then you can see all these grouped together in a series under ‘Recent status updates’. The View all button will also take you to a pop-up window where you can see all previous status updates related to the Goal.

I think what you are looking for is best explained in the video in this article in the guide.

Hi @Richard_Sather !

Actually I would like to see a chart with date in the x-axis and goal value in the y-axis. As simple as that. The required information are all in the status updates of the Goals.

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