Time management tool to help managing the hours spent doing tickets

Hi everyone, I was wondering if the Asana team is thinking to use a sort of time management, i think it would be helpful to avoid the “extra creation” of tkt per day.

Did you see there were external apps to do it? Asana Apps and Integrations • Asana

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hi Thanks a lot, I’m going to check them out now, do you have anything in particular to recommend?

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Hi @Alessandro1 and welcome to the Forum :wave:t3:

There are quite a few threads on this topic in the Forum; I’d recommend checking:

Harvest & Asana - #14 by abass Hope this helps!

Thank you all, i spent some time researching, and maybe i put not exactly the way i intended, my main question (and issue) was booking time instead of time tracking, this is what i mean:
in asana right now you can ad x amount of tkts, what i think would be great is to have a way to check and see from the requester that the day is already booked i think a similar tool is provided by a competitor like “paymo” that actually wont let you add more tickets if the 8 hours per day are already taken.
Does anyone knows if there something similar in Asana that let you do that or at least gives you a warning or a visual that the day is “full” of tickets and you need to add that tkt to another day?
Thank you all for you r answers