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Everytime we have a time change (Spring and Fall) my tasks are off for days… this only happens with Asana. Can you all please figure out how to properly code for the US Fall and Spring times changes? It won’t even let me set the time I’m wanting… I select a time and it instantly jumps to another time. It did this the last time we had a time change in the Fall of 2023.



Is there any chance this report is similar to this one, which previously has been fixed (but maybe it’s rearing its head again)? (Note that this report isn’t related to time change 2x/year.)

I think you should open a new post in Report a Bug. Depending on the above, please reference that post or not, as you see fit.



We have this issue every year with recurring tasks scheduled for a particular time. When we switch to/from DST, those tasks are off by one hour. We have to manually update all the tasks to reflect the correct time.

We’re noticing the same thing for recurring tasks as well.

For example, my weekly recurring Wednesday 8:30AM task is now Wednesday 9:30AM.

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I found a posting from 2017 regarding this same issue (Tasks have wrong time. Daylight Saving Time has shifted tasks an hour later). The only response I see from Asana states that tasks match your computer time and/or browser time. Both of those automatically updated, but that doesn’t mean we want our tasks to move up an hour. Other apps (calendar apps, Zoom, etc.) don’t jump ahead an hour. There has to be a way for Asana to fix this.

I was reading the same thread and was happy they were working on a fix, then I noticed the thread was from 2017 thru 2021. lol

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