This view has too many tasks to group by a field

I’m trying to group “My tasks” by custom field, but getting an error " This view has too many tasks to group by a field". Other team members have no problems with such grouping of “My tasks”.
What I could do to fix this?


Hi @Dmitriy_Spivak

As it stands, Asana can only group by up to 1000 tasks in your projects or My Tasks. Could you consider grouping per section and then grouping by your “Dev Status” custom field within your sections?

@Richard_Sather , not sure if you have this one in your post dedicated to limits, but if not you may want to add it!


Thanks @Marie , we have it listed as 8.10 here


This is obviously impacted by completed tasks. I only have about 50 tasks in ‘My Tasks’ and I’m getting the same issue. How can we archive completed tasks, so they don’t appear in my tasks and thus solve this issue?

Hi @GH_Admin , welcome back :wave:

The only way to remove tasks from your My tasks is to either unassign them from yourself or reassign them to someone else.

Either method isn’t ideal or recommended just to solve this particular issue.

Until this limitation is raised, I would recommend using custom sections as in the past, or using the List view which I believe is not impacted by such a limitation.