This about requesting guidance on how to use Asana

I am an absolute novice to Asana, what advise would you offer especially to someone who works remotely? I am presently working on a training project assigned to me and finds some of the task difficult to complete.

Hey @anon27826254 welcome to the forum :wave:

Did you have a look through all the tutorials that Asana offers? Such as: How to Use Asana Tutorial for New Users | Product Guide • Asana Product Guide,
How to use Asana, Asana tutorials, onboarding tips, and team use cases | Product guide • Asana Product Guide

Then I also recommend looking through the forum where you can find a lot of helpful tips and tricks such as:

Discussion about how to control/restrict your employees
And many more

What is the main thing you are currently struggling with?

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Hey @Andrea_Mayer Andrea thank you and I appreciate your speedy response.

I have not yet gotten a chance to take a look at all the tutorials that Asana offers. I will take a look at the tutorials and use as a guide to better equip myself in Asana.

I am currently working on the Asana basics training project and started creating a new project as one of my task but then stopped because I am not sure if this will change the Asana basic training project that I am working on. Would I be changing the initial project if I create a new project as my task? (I hope this question make sense)

I am also not sure how to keep my project organized with sections, columns and custom fields.

I am also struggling with how to use my task to prioritize task that was assigned to me.

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You can also read some of the books I’ve written about Asana :grimacing:

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I completely understand that things might be very confusing when you are just starting to use Asana, but trust me you will get used to it very soon and figure out the best way for you to organize your tasks, columns, projects, etc :wink:

I definitely recommend to look through all the tutorials and training that Asana provides first and at the same time also play around with your Asana set up. I am not sure I completely understand your question about projects, but you can just create some projects for testing and later remove it again.

Now regarding how to organize your project best with columns that really depends on various things such as type of tasks you are trying to organize in Asana, processes you want to organize and more

There are various project templates also offered by Asana directly and you can find a bunch also on Templana.

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Thank you @Bastien_Siebman, I will do that.

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Thanks Andrea I appreciate your help. I will definitely be using the tutorials and training that Asana provides because I am eager to learn.


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