The ultimate guide for doing things with Asana

Added a few links:


I use this one. It should be a build in feature!


Minor point but you probably want to update “Kothar” to say “Ditto” (or perhaps mention that and also “Kothar 2.0” since a lot of people may know it by its former name).


I have added a misc section with a link to this tasks auto-numbering post Reference numbers for tasks - #30 by Maggie_Reddi

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@Bastien_Siebman - Once again, excellent job on this list.

I’ve really enjoyed Asana Navigator recently, so it might be a tool you’d consider adding to your list for improving Asana navigation and shortcuts: Asana Navigator - Chrome Web Store

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I have added the Wordpress integration from @Michelle_Blanchette WordPress and Asana - #10 by Michelle_Blanchette

& @Khamir_Bhatia trick to turn Shopify orders into tasks How we're converting orders from Shopify into tasks on Asana as an Ecommerce Bakery!

& link to @_Sander product to link Asana and BitBucket

& link to conversation from @Ana_K about connecting Google Sheets and Asana Pull data from Asana API to Google Sheets


Great resource list, Bastien!

However i trying to look for a solution to setup successfully a project using VSM (Value Stream Mapping) methodology with tracking time with the concept of “lead time”.

I have checking Harvest as the main time tracking integrated solution for ASANA but not information on how to do this.

We are working with templates in ASANA to setup processes involving lead time and the VSM (Value Stream Mapping) concept.

For this it is needed to track the idle time between a task already done and the next time when you pick it up to start working on that, this could be tracked by a custom field and adding manually the lead time when you take the following task.

Does anybody could suggest how to use a time tracking app to set up this automatically?

You could have a script that goes through a project, picks the completion date of a task, the start date of another from a custom field, and fill another field with the difference? I could help if needed.

Based on @LEGGO advice, I added Kosmotime for time blocking


@Bastien_Siebman awesome list. Thanks for taking the time and putting the list together :+1:
Has been bookmarked and I will definitely include this link in our onboarding checklist for new team members :slight_smile:

There are a few programs we use in the company which I think it might be helpful to list them as well.

Zoom: Zoom + Asana • Asana

Pipedrive: Pipedrive- + Asana-App-Integration: Vertriebsmanagement • Asana
We set up automations there so whenever a deal is closed a project with tasks is created in Asana to continue with the project delivery for a client.

I have seen your link to a page about CRM info but somehow could not find Pipedrive there so I thought I‘d suggest :wink:

Active Campaign: I mean mainly you will also need Zapier or similar program to connect it but they have listed some pre-built automations there Integrate Asana with ActiveCampaign

Thanks for the KosmoTime mention Bastien!
We’re a brand new app, we love Asana, we’d love feedback from the community!
Please try the app and ping us on Slack or chat (links in the app). THANKS!

Awesome resource @Bastien_Siebman ! Thanks for the effort.

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Outstanding work, @Bastien_Siebman ! :clap: :clap: :clap:

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Is there a way to adjust / calculate Task progress in a portfolio view ignoring certain sections? We have a section called “Feature Requests” where we drop in all our ideas of what we want to do. This skews the Task Progress metric since it counts these tasks as “Incomplete”. Thank you!

Not really, except if you store them elsewhere, or store them as subtasks :grimacing: You could also switch the Portfolio progress to milestones and not tasks.

Thank you! I changed it to milestones for now. It would be nice to have the same filtering functionality when creating a dashboard/charts to managing portfolios (to calculate/view custom metrics)

thanks @Bastien_Siebman for this nice guide. well-structured and has the most important tools everyone uses in daily basis . Great job :+1:

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Hi, I looked at the link and it’s hard to tell if the page is updated with new links. Is it still relevant?

@Michel_Cloward you make a good point, I created the post in 2018 and did not do a lot of updates since. Feel free to mention any missing tool or broken link :slight_smile:

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Thank you.