The 'time in custom field' on a project dashboard is not returning any results

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If I choose ‘time in custom field’ for the Y-axis, the dashboard is returning no results. The problem occurs both for ‘custom field’ (eg. Priorita as per printscreen) and system field (eg. section) as the X-axis. Im working with an old project so all of the fields Im using have data filled in and have had it filled in for a while. There’s no error message, its just blank.

Browser version: Chrome 108 on Windows 10

Upload screenshots below:

Can you confirm whether or not this specific chart works in a more recent project? Just trying to debug :sweat:

Hello @Katerina_Rozmanova,

Can you please forward this report to our support team with the following info:

  • URL of project
  • Screenshot of your project in List view showing columns for time custom fields

Unfortunately this is not an issue we’re equipped to troubleshoot in the forum, as it requires lots of private information.

Hi @Katerina_Rozmanova , from what I can determine from your screenshot, if you are trying to get the sum of estimated time from the new Time tracking feature, you need to set the Y-axis to ‘Time entry’ instead of ‘Time>Time in Custom Field’ (which counts the time that a task has remained with a certain custom field option being selected) which is something else.

Try the below setup if you are tracking time with the new time tracking feature which is available for Business and Enterprise plans:

If instead, you are tracking using your own number-type custom field, then choose ‘Custom Field’ and select your custom field from the list instead.

Thank you @Marie, Ive created a support ticket and will follow up with them.

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Ive tried the same in a week old project and it seems to be working better, I’ll follow up on that with the support team as well. Thanks Bastien

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