The @mention autocomplete logic is incredibly bad

The underlying logic behind the @mention autosuggest functionality is ridiculous. And because mentioning is something that users do incredibly often, the effect on productivity is substantial.

Best-case scenario is it’s unnecessarily slow to mention the correct person. Worst-case—which happens more often than I’d like to admit—is that I accidentally mention the wrong person,

I freelance for a person whose company name is her own name – Alicia [Lastname].

The company’s name is the URL. She and her single employee both have Asana accounts registered with email addresses at that URL.

So it is incredibly frustrating that when I try to mention Alicia in a comment that Asana gets it so badly wrong.

If I start typing the ‘@a’ Asana initially suggests I want to mention myself (apparently because that letter appears in the country code top-level domain of my email address)

If I add the second letter of her name Asana suggests tagging her employee (apparently because those two letters appear in the second-level domain of her email address)

I have to use the arrow keys or use the mouse to select the right person. On a task created by that person. In an immediate reply to a comment by that person.

It’s ridiculous.

Hey @Michael10, sorry for the trouble. If you wish, we can have our Support Team reach out via email to investigate this further with you. If necessary, they can escalate the issue to our Developers for investigation. Please let me know if we can contact you via email and I’ll have this quickly organized for you.