Mentions mention the wrong person if we're too fast again

The issue is happening again, please reopen thread and keep it open.
Multiple people in our team have experienced it, it has become systematic.

Hi Thank you for flagging. My name is Nao from Asan community team.

To solve the issue easily, could you make sure that you follow these steps please?

  1. Please follow these steps for troubleshooting.
  2. When creating a new post in the forum, please include a screencast and your browser information. This information will help our team figure out the issue.

Best regards,

Nao - Asana community team

I believe nobody reports it because people are lazy. (like the first time I reported it, several people said it happened to them as well)

It has happened for months now.

I cannot create topics in the Bug category for some reason.

I don’t intend to waste more time reporting bug, could you please take the lead on this? Thanks.


I’m unable to reproduce the issue, so we’ll need your information to investigate. Can you please share what browser you’re using as weel as the version? A screencast would really be helpful too. Thanks

Hey Marie,

I’m using Brave (similar to Chrome), in its latest version.
Maureen is using Chrome, she has the same issue as me.


Ambroise Dhenain

CTO & Co-fondateur

06 20 56 33 66

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Hi Thank you for sending us the information. I filed this as a bug to the product team and shared your screencast (but deleted it from this post as it contains private info).

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Hi everyone, our Developers have confirmed that a fix for this issue has been implemented. If you are still seeing any problem, please let us know!

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