The comment box on a task remains the focus after submitting a comment.

I used to be able to write a comment, hit control + enter to submit the comment and then hit control + enter to mark the task complete. That may have worked because, after hitting control + enter to submit a comment, the comment box was no longer the focus. Now, when I submit a task with control + enter, the comment box remains focused, so I can’t quickly use another control + enter to mark a task complete. Is anyone else seeing this? Was anyone else using this same practice? :joy: Was this an intentional change?

Hi @Will_Reade15, you bring up a good point. I did some tests and I duplicated when you mentioned. However, entering the Esc key after entering a comment seems to do the trick. It’s one extra keystroke, but effective. For example:

  1. Enter your comment and press Ctrl + Enter to save your comment
  2. Press Esc
  3. Press Ctrl + Enter again to complete (or uncomplete the task)

I hope that’s helpful.

Not a direct solution, but marking as such to highlight a key reply.

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@David_Nelson, that is helpful. I will use that while we wait to get an official reply from an Asana associate. :sunglasses:

I have an update. This isn’t happening on all my Asana accounts. I have three different accounts. It is happening on two of them. I hope that helps!