The Asana icon is not displaying correctly on iOS

The Asana icon is not displaying correctly on iOS., both on the Home Screen and in Notification Center.

Steps to reproduce: Update Asana in iOS to 9.23.0, released on August 23, 2022

Asana version: 9.23.0

Upload screenshots below:

Maybe it’s a new icon?

Got this today as well on one smartphone.

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This was resolved today with the release of version 9.23.1.


I believe this is their default icon for app not approved yet :slight_smile: (when a developer created an Asana app)

I have version 9.23.1 but I’m still seeing this buggy Asana icon in search.

Thanks for checking that @Niel_Bowerman . I just check the search area on my iPhone and the icon displays normally. It may help to reboot your iPhone. If not, perhaps the bug is only affecting certain devices and not others and needs to be addressed in the next release.

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