Text size shrinking in board view

Hi all

I’ve noticed in the past couple of weeks that the size of task titles in board view seems to be getting smaller.

I haven’t changed any settings, but it’s definitely noticeable.

Not sure if it’s my browser (Chrome on Windows), but I’ve tried adjusting the text size globally in the browser, but this isn’t making any difference in the board view.

Is there a way I can increase the size to make it more readable?


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I have seen it too :+1:

I noticed the change also.

By adjusting the text size globally, you mean something like holding down the CTRL button and using the mouse wheel? This makes the text larger for me (but everything else too - pushing right-most columns off screen so probably not ideal).

I don’t know of a setting for this other than what you’ve tried. I personally like the new size, but still have good eyesight. Making a setting so we could choose would be nice, but I’d be fine with it going back to the old size too.

Yeah, the zoom does make the text and everything else bigger. But also if you go into settings and change the font size, it has no effect on the text in the board tasks. So there’s no control, other than by zooming.

I have noticed this too. I’d like to have control over the font size as well as over the general size (⌘ +/ ⌘ -) on MacOS).

Yeah, I’d like more control. Personally, I’d like the tasks size smaller so I can get more in my browser and keep the titles from wrapping.