Test/sandbox environment?

Is there any prospect for a developer/sandbox environment that developers can use to test their apps? I always feel a little uneasy running tests against your production env.

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@Todoport_Admin no there is not. You can create dummy data and run tests at the production environment. I think that it’s ok.

It never really bothered me, even with Templana doing many requests. However I have two apps registered with Asana, my production app and my testing app.

We don’t have such a thing right now, but I personally realy want this, so I’m working with our team to see what we might be able to get going. Essentially, what I’d like to have for integrations is a suite of Asana domains that get cleaned, say, weekly, and come provisioned with representative numbers of tasks / projects / teams etc… for various-sized domains with each of our plans. In this way, it’d be possible to test against different organizations with different capabilities.

So tl;dr: not today, but we’re thinking about it!


Thanks, I look forward to future developments.

I do have automated tests but I still don’t like hitting production environments with them - I’ve seen users with > 15K items and that level of scale-test isn’t something I want to inflict on a regular basis, so I stick to functional tests only.

Test envs that get cleaned regularly would be perfect - although for completeness the ability to add+delete spaces via the API, even if restricted to test envs, would be needed for full automation.

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+1 for a staging/sandbox environment!

As a workaround, our team currently has a “staging” project. All of our create/edit/delete task background jobs get funneled to that board in non-production envs. It works pretty well but we would love to see an Asana sandbox someday. Thanks, guys!

Any movement on this one? OR is the approach still using the production environment and naming the projects with a “staging” or similar naming convention? Thanks!