Test/sandbox environment?


Is there any prospect for a developer/sandbox environment that developers can use to test their apps? I always feel a little uneasy running tests against your production env.


@Todoport_Admin no there is not. You can create dummy data and run tests at the production environment. I think that it’s ok.


It never really bothered me, even with Templana doing many requests. However I have two apps registered with Asana, my production app and my testing app.


We don’t have such a thing right now, but I personally realy want this, so I’m working with our team to see what we might be able to get going. Essentially, what I’d like to have for integrations is a suite of Asana domains that get cleaned, say, weekly, and come provisioned with representative numbers of tasks / projects / teams etc… for various-sized domains with each of our plans. In this way, it’d be possible to test against different organizations with different capabilities.

So tl;dr: not today, but we’re thinking about it!


Thanks, I look forward to future developments.

I do have automated tests but I still don’t like hitting production environments with them - I’ve seen users with > 15K items and that level of scale-test isn’t something I want to inflict on a regular basis, so I stick to functional tests only.

Test envs that get cleaned regularly would be perfect - although for completeness the ability to add+delete spaces via the API, even if restricted to test envs, would be needed for full automation.


+1 for a staging/sandbox environment!

As a workaround, our team currently has a “staging” project. All of our create/edit/delete task background jobs get funneled to that board in non-production envs. It works pretty well but we would love to see an Asana sandbox someday. Thanks, guys!