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Hi! I am struggling with the new template features. For lots of reasons but…

My current struggle is that I have created templates within a team that I want all Team Members to have access to (and I have marked them in settings as ‘Anyone in team can edit’ but it still is the case that only those I have manually added under ‘Template Access’ can actually see the templates from their login.

Can anyone help?

That’s a very good question. I was sure there was a way to let everyone from the team edit the template. @Phil_Seeman any idea? Should we add this to @v2 gain ?

Hi @Bethan_Hewitt, thanks for reaching out!

If you set the template as public, all team members should be able to access. My hunch is that the users who can’t access are Guests in your Organziation and have access to specific projects in the team. If you add one of the users to the team, can they see the template?

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Yes it seems from the settings that everyone in the team should be able to see/access it - they let you choose whether they can edit/use or if it’s private - I have the settings on ‘Anyone in team can edit’ but they are still unable to actually see the template sitting in the team space unless I have specifically invite them under the ‘Template Access’ section - it is irritating when I have lots of templates that I want the whole team to be able to access without having to manually add each individual to each separate template.

Hi Emily - thanks for trying however I don’t have any guests in this team it is a ‘People Leaders’ team therefore only Line Managers are part of the team - all templates are set to ‘Anyone in the team can edit’ (ie. they are not set to Private) but alas they can still only see the template if they have been manually added under the Template Access section as described to Bastien below.

That’s definitely odd - I cannot reproduce that myself - I tested and all team members could see the template.

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Thanks for getting back to us, @Bethan_Hewitt! I also couldn’t reproduce this, in this case, I recommend you reaching out to our support team so they can try to check more details in our internal tools. You can contact them following these steps: How to contact our Support Team ✉. Please feel free to share the URL of this thread so you don’t need to share the same information again. Thanks!

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