TEAM Projects page - Template Sectioning

To have all templates sectioned off from projects underway by either forcing them to live at the bottom of the project list, or in a unique widget that houses all templates instead of having them appear randomly in the active projects list/tiles.

When initiating used of a template, it is primarily accessed via the : new project → template. If I need to edit a template, I don’t want to have to ‘find’ it in my active projects and it bloats my team project pile.

This also becomes a problem with reporting, as the templates are included as ‘projects’.

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Hi @Sunday_White , thanks for this feedback. Improving Project Templates is one of our Product team’s top priorities and we may have some updates coming in the near future :wink:

I’ll keep you posted and let you know of any news here in this thread! :slight_smile:


I would LOVE to see the same methodology that was recently used for sectioning off Templates to allow for at least one other section called “Up Next” or “Pending” or BackLog" etc. Something that can allow Project owner to apply in Project Details that would consolidate projects not being focused on into their own section.

I’m sure there will be a 1000 opinions on this, and requests for multiple sections, but even just one “BackLog” section would do wonders for focusing the team on the important projects for now.