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I’m not part of a corporation. I used to use Asana’s free version a lot for a journal I edited, and I loved it. I’ve also used it for my own personal projects. But now I’m trying to coordinate a move for my elderly parents. I have created a new project and added five other people to the team. They can view, delete, add, and change tasks, but they cannot see the other team members by name. They can see their own name and my name, but everyone else appears as “Private User.” I have searched and searched and have not been able to solve this problem.

These people do not have the same domain name for their email as I have for mine, and I don’t have the ability to get them that. I have added them to the team by the “Share” function at the top of the screen, and they are all listed as “members” not “guests.” But I can’t see them in the left-hand column of the screen, so I’m not sure if they are actually members and, if not, how to add them.

Can anyone help? We are under such pressure with this looming move that is likely to be traumatic for our elders, and I thought this would help. Now it seems more like a hindrance, but I’d rather not have to switch to a completely different platform now that we are started on Asana.


Your answer might be found in this great post by @Bastien_Siebman:

In short, and from memory so I may be wrong, I wonder if the guests are all members of the same Asana Team or Asana Project, that will solve the problem.

Hope that helps,


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This perhaps hints at what the issue is, but the Sebastien post is all about a corporate membership, which I don’t have. I did find the following post, which indicates that even guests should be able to have the same access once they are added. Guests vs. Team Members in a Workspace

But that was 2017, so has this feature been eliminated from free plans? This has all become so confusing. It looks to me as though all the people I have shared the project with are listed as members not as guests anyway. How do I tell the difference? All Sebastien does is talk about these feature differences–there’s nothing that shows how to tell the difference or how to fix it.

I’m sorry if I seem stressed out. I am in a tough spot, and now it seems as though Asana is making that same mistake that so many platforms make–because they are trying now to force everyone to pay by eliminating features that were formerly free. Bad way of doing business. Paid memberships should add features rather than a company taking away previous free features.

Sorry. Bastien not Sebastien. My bad. No disrespect.

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Sorry, @Lisa_Roney; I had/have limited time, but wanted to try to help; maybe someone else will jump in. cc/ @Forum-team

But in your original post, you use some terms loosely and it’s hard to know your situation.

The “Share” at the top of the project is where all the people should be:


I wasn’t aware of anything changing but maybe something has; I thought it used to be that if they were all there they’d be able to see each other.

Those who are there are called “Project Members” (not Team Members).

But “member” in that sense is different from Organziation/Workspace Member or Guest. All your people will be Org/Workspace Guests because of their email addresses.

Sorry if this muddles things further…I’ll leave it to other to do a better job…


Thank you for trying, Larry. I am talking about Project Members–that is how they are designated, and every bit of info I can find indicates they should have access/permission to see everything. It’s all pretty useless otherwise.

So sad. This was a great product just a year or two ago, and I could always find correct instructions to help do anything I needed to do. (My needs were always pretty simple.) It’s such a mess now.

Hi @Lisa_Roney, thanks for reaching out. If two Asana users see each other as Private Users, this is because they are both Guests. Guests cannot view other Guest profiles. It sounds like you are working in an Organization and not a Workspace.

I’d suggest reaching out to our Support team where they can take a closer look at your account and space. You can reach them by following these steps: How to contact our Support Team ✉

I hope this helps!

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