Tasks not populating into the "Today" section

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My tasks due today aren’t populating into the “Today” section of my My Tasks page. The pop-up says they should populate, but the section is blank, and I have a bunch of tasks due today.

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Screen Shot 2021-03-22 at 11.23.04 AM

Same bug here! Lots of tasks marked for the “Today” state of Today/Upcoming/Later, and verifiable as such by checking the status tasks by task, are sorted under a null heading. Not sure how long this has been going on, since I never use the T/U/L flags. @Marie you may have an active bug.

Hi @Cate_Scott_Campbell and @Stephanie_Oberg, thanks for reporting this issue! I just checked but I was unable to reproduce this on My Tasks. This morning all my tasks due today were automatically moved to the Today section.

Could you confirm if your My Tasks header currently look like the image below?

Please also note that if you set the date to Today on the same day, the task won’t move automatically.

Looking forward to your reply!

Yes, that is how my header looks.

I discovered one part of the problem…I had the Sort set to “Due Date”. Apparently that hides the Today and Upcoming Headers (but not the “Later”). Changing the Sort to “None” restored the Recently Assigned, Today, and Upcoming Headers.

However, I still have the issue of tasks newly assigned to be due on the date today (Mar 23) NOT moving from the Upcoming to Today header. Is that move something that can happen any time, or is just a 1-time early morning event?

That’s the case, @Stephanie_Oberg. So at/just after midnight of the due date tasks assigned to you will get moved to Today, but that’s the only way that will automatically occur.

(And at/just after midnight a week out from due date tasks will be marked for Upcoming.)

Hope that makes sense.


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+1 to what @lpb mentioned :+1: you are right! thanks for following up here!

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