Tasks missing when creating a template from a previous project. What am I doing wrong?

Hi! I am an event planner and have recently finished an event. I had an Asana Project and added all my tasks and subtasks into the Asana project. Now that the event is over, I wanted to save that as a template so I can reuse it when this event happens again. However, when I go to save the project as a template, I follow the steps and the only thing that is actually pulling up is the names of the sections but no tasks underneath it. What am I doing wrong? How do I save all the tasks and sections into a template? Thanks!

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That’s so weird, do you have screenshots of what’s happening?

Hello @Avni_Kansara,

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It seems that the functionality „Save as a template“ will not pull the Completed tasks.

I would duplicate the project > mark all tasks I need in the template as uncompleted > „Save as a template“.*

Consider when duplicating the project to uncheck the relevant options like:

  • do you want the same assignees or collaborators in the tasks?
  • attachments?
  • etc.

I would also inform in advance the people involved in the project, who might be suddenly receiving a storm of notification (depending on your duplication option choices), they should ideally be made aware that they can ignore those notification and that you are just setting up a template.


*After the template is successfully created remember to delete the duplicated project which served only as a base to create the template.

How to duplicate a project

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That did the trick! Thank you :slight_smile:


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