Tasks draged and dropped in the new calendar aren't automatically updated



Hey Marie, is there going to be an update that fixes instant updating when tasks are dragged in calendar view? That used to be a fundamental part of our workflow which is now broken. When a task is dragged nothing updates, and the user is forced to open and collapse the day the task has been dragged to or even hit refresh…

New Calendar view is worse. Again

Hi @Marvin_Nooitgedacht and thanks fo rthe mention. I’m not quite sure to understand what you mean by “nothing updates” when moving tasks in the calendar? Are you referring to due dates not updating? Could you please give me a little more details? Many thanks!


Hi Marie, please see the recorded GIF. https://www.dropbox.com/s/7l141lihcqs2ldx/moving%20tasks.gif?dl=0

We use the calendar team view as our main hub to schedule workload over a month. Each task represents one day of work for us, so it’s easy to shuffle things around as projects come in.

As you can see when we now drag items sometimes they update immediately, sometimes they don’t. Currently this is unusable as we drag a lot of tasks all over the place all the time. The dragging is also much slower than the previous version and the additional padding makes the calendar view less efficient as you are drawn to sheer amount of white space as opposed to using the real estate to see tasks collectively.



Thanks for the report and additional information @Marvin_Nooitgedacht. I’m moving this post to a new thread as I think this is definitely a bug.

I’ve tried to reproduce the issue on my end, and I can seem to be able to do so on either Chrome or Safari. Could you please verify if the issue persists when logging into your account from a private window?

Many thanks!


Yes I can confirm that this persists in an incognito tab in Chrome.



Thanks Marvin.

Could you please confirm what version of Chrome you’re using + the version of your OS?


Version 70.0.3538.77 (Official Build) (64-bit)

On windows 10 and Mac OS High Sierra.



Hi @Marvin_Nooitgedacht; I can’t seem to be able to open your screenshot anymore (Error 404), any chance you can re-upload it so our Team can continue investigating? Apologies for the trouble and many thanks for your help!


No worries:


Thanks for the quick follow-up @Marvin_Nooitgedacht :zap:


Thanks again for your help @Marvin_Nooitgedacht; our team has been able to reproduce this issue and will tackle it soon. I’ll make sure to keep you posted as soon as I have more updates!


Hi @Marvin_Nooitgedacht; our team has pushed a fix for this issue, so I’m marking this issue resolved for now. Please let me know if you have any follow-up questions!