Tasks Created Via Email Needs Due Date

This would be so helpful to have! Are there any updates on when this feature might be available?

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I think I finally found a workaround that works for me within Asana! And it’s basically mostly automated! Woohoo!!

I created a project called “Tasks Received from Email Inbox” and used the guide instructions to grab the project ID and set up an email contact to forward all email → task directly to that project. Then, I set up a Rule in that project that each new task needs to due date set to 0 days, assign the task to me, and set the custom field “status” to “needs review”. It shows up in the project, but (most importantly) it shows up in my My Tasks as due today. The “Needs Review” custom field (which I set to red) gives me a quick reference that I need to manually assign the task to the project it truly belongs in and/or adjust the due date. That’s maximum two manual steps, but at least I won’t be losing track of them any more!

**Note: I am a solopreneur, so sorry if this doesn’t work for larger teams. I know there were some examples above.


+1 I email myself tasks almost every day and this would be revolutionary.

If you want to be extra amazing, you could make it Smart Add like how RTM does it: Remember The Milk - Help › How do I use Smart Add?

Don’t have to incorporate everything, even just the Due Date adding would be enough but PLEEEEASE… pretty please?


This is a great idea! Can you execute this solution on a premium account, or do you need a business account?

What is the status on this requested feature? it has been in the queue for years and I know it would be massively valuable to everyone to be able to assign a date without having to take multiple steps. thx!


Thank for this awesome work around!!

This would be a great addition — something simple like a trigger operator or keyword in the subject line to create a due date would make this feature 200% better. Really hope it makes it into a future update!

(I say “simple” but I’m not a programmer so… :person_shrugging:)

Note: Not a solution but marked as such to elevate a key reply

Just highlighting this earlier post in this very long thread which offers a workaround until/if this feature is added:



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Now this is helpful Thanks!