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Good evening.

I would like to know if there is a possibility of each task that I create, which automatically has a number for each task. As an idea of a unique identifier, for example, 001, 002, 003, etc.


Hi @PH_Figueiredo,

You’re in luck! At this time each task does have a unique ID, which you can view in the task URL.


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One suggestion would be to add Task IDs that are specific to the project, so instead of “Task #6740782807802348”, it would just be “Task #18”. That way tasks could be referenced more easily by word of mouth, as well as give developers the option to manage the status of tasks with git commit hooks (e.g. A commit with a message of “Added homepage, fixes #18” would auto-complete that ticket).


Well, I think the important bit @PH_Figueiredo is asking for is a short Task Id like 001, 002, 003.

Not Id 0/123456789012345/123456789012345
Nor Id 123456789012345


Is there any plugin / extension available to make Asana assign a unique task ID, like 001…002… - something that is similar to JIRA.



Any news on this one? Saying that 733234985573176 is a readable task ID that can be shared amongst an organization is not really a satisfying answer.




+1 StanBoyet, I’ve had a similar request stemming a couple of months back and it doesn’t look like it has been addressed yet: Reference numbers for tasks. There should be an option for numbering tasks based on projects. Your “unique ID” isn’t displayable anywhere in the task or digestable for a support team to work off of. We’ve been adding our own task numbers manually (and start dates too) into the task name as Asana is not currently designed to work with support teams as a ticketing system until these two issues are addressed.


+1 for task numbers being shown in the ticket (immediately visible on the board without having to open the task to see it) and searchable. Coming from Jira, this is a must-have. For any serious project manager, the sheer volume of tasks means a ticket ID is a necessity. And please, make them short. I need to be able to tell someone ‘look at ticket ABC1234’, so numbers specific to the project is my pref too.


This would be great. We manage a number of projects in a given day and having a unique identifier in the project name would be helpful.

[BA#001] Project Name
[BA#002] Project Name

This allows for easy searching and identifying projects via word of mouth.

We currently do this with an API to take requests from an external tool and create them in Asana with a specified template.


Hello Jess,

Hope you are doing good!

I am also in the requirement of similar feature. Could you please help me by telling like which API are you using and if it is available online or a custom API by your team.



For anyone looking for a third party solution for this, please take a look at our integration. We allow you to use custom fields to add a unique identifier. You can also apply prefixes to specify which project, etc. You can find out more here: http://bit.ly/2yiDzxp.

Can a Task have an automatic assigned ID number?