Task API Response Times

When generating Post requests on the Create a task endpoint, I am seeing response times between 4-6 seconds. That seems very long for a simple task creation. Is this normal? Are there any plans to improve the efficiency of that endpoint?

For context, I’m using a third-party communications automation platform to send the Post requests, which unfortunately has a forced 4-second timeout, and automatic retries over the course of 3 hours. As a result, I’m getting duplicates I can’t control. I’ve asked them to increase that timeout length, or remove the retry logic, but barring one of those things happening, I won’t be able to connect the two tools as of now.

Hi @Tyler_Infelise,

It’s not the “fastest API in the west” for sure. I would say the write times I see are in the 1-3 second range, but I think it can be slower at times; also if you’re using a third-party platform it’s likely there’s a slight latency there, too which might be adding a second or two? In any case what you’re seeing sounds pretty “normal” for the Asana API.

@Frederic_Malenfant @JFrentz what do you guys think?


Thanks, @Phil_Seeman. Important to note that I’m also seeing those response times when testing from Postman. But point taken this may be something I need to work around.

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