Tags in conversations for creating a QA audit trail



I am quite a newcomer to tags but since I discovered them I have found they are a great tool.

Once a year we have to go through an external Quality Assurance audit. I have found that it is useful to add tags to certain tasks (from multiple projects and multiple teams) that are relevant to showing evidence of a particular requirement. E.g. where there has been a series of comments under a task that show discussion of an issue or problem-solving collaboration. I can then access all the information through that tag as evidence of good practice when the auditor comes to see me.

The only thing I can’t seem to tag is a conversation? Have I missed something?

If anyone has any ideas for being able to pinpoint specific conversations that would be helpful. :slight_smile:


We’ve been using the Conversation area to store any important information such as client updates, meeting summaries and so on. We’re currently coming up with a series of headings we want to use in the subject line of conversations that will make it easier to search for things. i.e. Change Request, Project Spec, Designs

the search functionality is good enough that if you ‘tag’ the conversations via the subject its still easy enough to find what you need


@Sarah_Hewitson - great idea, will need to think it through though as some of the conversations will be with clients. But I will certainly explore possibilities- thank you :blush: