Tag feature is not available in "Personal Projects"

I have quite a few projects and tasks ind my personal projects workspace and really need a way of organizing some of them - I wanted to use tags for that, but there seems to be no tag option here at all.
Why not? A bug? Standard? If it is standard, how else can I get some kind of order into my subtasks?

Hi @Liljesofie, Personal Projects is a like an old version of a Workspace, which does not have access to many features such as Tags, ability to rearrange your Projects in the sidebar, collaborate with other users, upgrade to a subscription plan and more. For this reason, we suggest users to transfer their Projects/tasks into a new Workspace.

You can use the Ditto integration to move your Projects from the Personal Projects space to the new Workspace.

Please note that we cannot provide support for the Ditto integration, as we did not develop it, but we frequently see it used and are happy to recommend it. You can find the Ditto integration here.

I hope this helps!


@Vanessa_N perfect, thank you for explaining and handing me a solution. This works perfectly it seems :slight_smile:

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Iā€™m glad to hear that, @Liljesofie! Please feel free to reach out again if you need anything else. :slight_smile: