Tableau Web Data Connector not working

I’ve installed Tableau and have followed the instructions for setting up the Web Data Connector here: - I login, however I’m not presented with the screen to connect a project or team it just logs me into Asana and drops me on my dashboard.

Steps to reproduce:
Follow steps here for setting up web data connector:

Browser version:

Upload screenshots below:

Welcome to the Forum @Jen_Hanussak and thank you for reaching out.

I’m sorry to hear you are experiencing some issues when trying to connect Tableau to Asana.
In order to better assist you with this issue I would highly recommend you to contact to our Support Team who will be able to take a closer look into this for you and advice you further.

You can contact them following this steps:

  1. Access
  2. Select “I’m having trouble with”
  3. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and select “Let’s chat”

To speed things up, it would be super helpful if you could share a screenshot of the screen you are sent once you are logged in. Feel free to also add the URL of this thread to save yourself from re-explaining everything.

Apologies again for the inconvenience Jen. Please let me know if there is anything else I can help you with!


I am having similar issues and have contacted support. This issue does not appear to be an isolated error, as I have seen similar problems pop-up on various Tableau and Asana Forums.

When the WDC does connect, it will not allow an extract to be created, making analysis impossible.

Has this issue been resolved or can I be pointed in the proper direction for troubleshooting beyond the Support Ticket system?

Thank you.