Tableau Extractor - Access to all projects ( Admin ID )

Hi Team,

Currently the ID used for extracting data from Asana into Tableau the restriction we have it can only extract data which the ID is a member of, this is forcing the particular user to be part of all projects which having below 2 issues

  1. The user gets notified of all the projects even when he is no way related to the project
  2. Asking the project Owner to add this particular user is very manual in nature and chances of missing is always high

We can eliminate point 1 by using generic ID ( say ) but point 2 cannot be eliminated.

So how do we extract data from an organizational level instead of using a particular ID for extraction.

Thanks in advance
Gowri Shankar R J

@Emily_Roman - Can you please suggest

Hi @Gowri_Shankar_RJ, thanks for reaching out and apologies for the delay here! I investigated this further and our technical team confirmed it’s currently not possible to extract data from the Organization level. Data pulled is at the Team and portfolio level:

  1. Pulling summary project and task data from Teams and Portfolios
  2. Associated Custom Fields and tags on tasks
  3. Project descriptions and dates
  4. Milestones and sections
  5. Projects with less than 10k tasks

You can find more information about the Tableau integration in this article: Asana for Tableau • Asana

If you have further questions, please contact our support team and our integration experts will be happy to help you further: How to contact our Support Team ✉

I hope this helps!

@Emily_Roman - Thanks for the response, we were able to extract the data successfully into Tableau.

Unfortunately the challenge I mentioned is not resolved. Any roadmap or alternative solutions available ?


I’m afraid I don’t have any workarounds for this at the moment but I recommend you to contact our support team, one of our integration experts can share more tips with you: How to contact our Support Team :email: