Extracting data from asana to Oracle data base

Hello Team,
We are looking out for an option/ ways to extract data( Portfolio,projects,teams,tasks) from asana to Oracle/snowflake db.

  1. Do we have any API that could be used to extract the data and automate the process.
  2. Also, if that exists, will the refresh of the data be seamless?

Appreciate your assistance on this!

Hi @anon92452073,

Asana does have an API, but you’d have to write the extraction process yourself using the API, and you’d also have to write the refresh process. There’s nothing in the Asana API that will automatically extract data and keep it updated for you.

For something more automated where you don’t have to “roll your own”, you probably want to consider a third-party service like Unito which has capabilities to keep Asana data in sync with other sources.

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Hey Phil,
Thank you for the assistance. Would appreciate if you could provide the API for the same.
Also if there is any link or documentation around this,that would be super helpful!!

Appreciate you help!

The API documentation can be found here.

If you have an Enterprise-level Asana license, you might be able to utilize the Organization Export functionality.

Otherwise as I mentioned you’ll need to combine the available endpoints to extract the data you need.

To get subsequent updates on that data in order to refresh it in your database, you can use the Events functionality or Webhooks.

Thankyou Phil for the links to the documentation. That would surely help.
I also wanted to check meanwhile → If Portfolio Names can be extracted from asana to tableau as I couldn’t find it while I fetched the data using the WDC.

That data is definitely available to be pulled from the Asana API, but I’m not familiar with the Tableau connector so don’t know if it’s accessible that way.