Table/Kanban view enhancement


We have been using Asana on a team of 12 people and we have moved to Table view of project. It is really good in a simple view we know what are people working on, what is in the pipeline, what’s completed… well we love this new way of using Asana.

1 - It would be nice if we could filter project table view so we see Tasks for one specific person.

2- I would love if i could have a table view of My Tasks. Since we give the same colum name to different projects, (To do, Do today, In progress, Done). but even if column names were different, a table view of all status by column of My Tasks would be fantastic.

3- It would be nice if there was a way to show that there are subtasks to a task in table view.

Cut down price (max 5$/month/user) and add more kanban/table view features, we would be pay for the pro version.