"Tab+N" our new shortcut to create Sections

Paying for business version.

Using custom field to separate and regroup Tasks

Before i was using sections to separate in custom field, now it’s became a mess

Sections showed in every custom fields , amazing !

Multiplication of bugs


SOLUTION: why i have the feeling that the old sections became milestone ?

Why you cannot use the same code to create a button on mobile to create another type of « sub-sections ».

Like milestone, you could create sub-sections ?! … no???

We could create major section and convert in board (the actual sections) and separate work with sub-sections with a button like milestones on PC and Mobile. It could be use to separate work on board too.

Please, i’m becoming crazy to have to use PC for sections.

Please create a new kind of milestones, just a milestone with a line , ans it become to « sub-section », it’s not seem too complicated ???

By the way i’m giving up on cullums , but PLEASE ADAPT MOBILE to new sub-section LIKE MILESSTONE,… and you can take all the time you need for board convention …


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Thought to add the (:slight_smile: still holds use when importing from CSV. Adding the colon is how you create sections for an import file.

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That smiley was meant to be a colon ( : )

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