"Tab+N" our new shortcut to create Sections

SOLUTION: why i have the feeling that the old sections became milestone ?

Why you cannot use the same code to create a button on mobile to create another type of « sub-sections ».

Like milestone, you could create sub-sections ?! … no???

We could create major section and convert in board (the actual sections) and separate work with sub-sections with a button like milestones on PC and Mobile. It could be use to separate work on board too.

Please, i’m becoming crazy to have to use PC for sections.

Please create a new kind of milestones, just a milestone with a line , ans it become to « sub-section », it’s not seem too complicated ???

By the way i’m giving up on cullums , but PLEASE ADAPT MOBILE to new sub-section LIKE MILESSTONE,… and you can take all the time you need for board convention …


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Thought to add the (:slight_smile: still holds use when importing from CSV. Adding the colon is how you create sections for an import file.


That smiley was meant to be a colon ( : )

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There’s logic to the argument that Tab+N is same number of keys as Shift+;, although it’s a bit of an unfair comparison (one shortcut is obviously more intuitive and used thousands of times a day).

But one thing that’s been overlooked is the ease of bringing new/temporary people on board. Telling a colleague “add a colon to make a heading” is something intuitive they can remember. Telling them “Type Tab+N” is less so.

It’ll be great to be able to move headings around and take the tasks with them. Interesting to note this isn’t currently the functionality, so if the new system can function this way (associate and disassociate tasks from headings on the fly) I don’t understand why colons would cause it such grief.

I agree with all above who’ve lamented making lists more like boards instead of vice-versa.

Ultimately it’s just another step in the march from Asana being this refreshingly lightweight, simple, intuitive, accessible app (what made it so appealing), to a heavy, unwieldy, monetisation-focussed, hard-to-use-and-explain piece of corporate software. Along with the constant upgrade flags (and don’t get me started on the misleading pricing).

Anyway. Gift horse. Asana made something great. Then they made it less great. Who am I to grumble.


Telling a colleague “add a colon to make a heading” is something intuitive they can remember. Telling them “Type Tab+N” is less so.

I personally don’t feel that concerned with this change, but the above statement is what I think would be a sticking point for most Asana leaders in their offices. In the era of emoji-speak, the average person does not type with keyboard shortcuts.


Please allow for us to convert Tasks into Sections. It’s inefficent to have to TAB+N, create a New Section (which populates at the bottom of the list) and then drag it up to where it needs to be and re-enter the Task Title. We just need a way to convert a Task into a Section.


Briing the colon back!!!


Agree with Judd!

I really want to like Asana but things like not being able to import a CSV file without having to manually create the sections and drag them into place then delete the placeholder task (that could have just been the section if the : functionality was still there) make me want to give up. My template has close to 400 items so this is taking forever.


Please, don’t forget your IOS App for creating sections !
Tab+N is not usable for IOS app (Iphone and Ipad).
Can you let the “:” ? Or a dedicated button ?
Thanks !


+1 to Judd

Simple solution would be to allow us to convert tasks to sections. I don’t see myself ever converting a board to a list or vice-versa, so this has been a very painful change for me.

All loss, no gain.

I was already having a hard time getting people in my org to come over to Asana. It’s “small” decisions like this that can absolutely kill the success of this otherwise great app in a very competitive space.


Is there a way for section to be collapsible? I see Today, Upcoming, Later can be collapsed and expand, I don’t see why this can’t be implemented into sections in list view.

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Hi @Leonarce,

I have good news for you - the ability to collapse sections in list views is coming very soon, as part of the larger change to allow a project to switch back and forth between list and board views. The last update we’ve had from Asana folks is that projects should start being converted sometime this month (July); it will likely take a few months for them all to be converted. Once a workspace’s projects are converted, you’ll be able to collapse sections.


Hi @Christophe_Brochard update your iOS app the feature of a button was released last week.
Create Section feature is missing from our mobile app

Hope this helps…


PS not available on Android as yet :sob:


The magic thing about Asana (and the reason I’ve recommended its adoption to three separate teams/organizations at this point over the years) was the speed with which you could fly through project creation. The new section behavior is counterintuitive and clunky, and it makes Asana just as exasperating as any other productivity app. Rolling out this data model change without a UI hack to at least optionally enable the old task creation behavior was deeply irresponsible. This isn’t just a matter of user retraining: task creation is the fundamental user interaction in a productivity app, and breaking flow is breaking functionality.

This sucks. Bring back the colon, it used to be Asana’s killer feature.


In my opinion the new way to create sections (tab+n) has a couple of issues:

  • if you want to start with a section as a subtask, you have to create a task first and then move/delete the task
  • it is not easily possible to convert a task into a section and vice versa (for example by selecting it and pressing the Tab+N)
  • it is not possible to create a section above a task (for example by having your cursor left of the text as it works with creating a task above)
    –> it needs more clicks and is less intuitive. this was one of the things we liked most about asana, creating tasks an sections is extremely easy and well thought through.

Sorry for my bad english, hope you still get the point i’m trying to make.

for me and my team, as we create many checklists in asana, the workflow was much better with the old way of creating sections. would it be possible to have both options or make it possible to activate colon as section indicator?


Hi @Colin3 and welcome to the Forum! :grinning:

We haven’t planned to have both options to create Sections, but we’re looking into the way to improve the “Tab+N” shortcut so your feedback is very important for us.

Since we already have a post on this topic I’ve gone ahead and merged your post with this main thread to consolidate feedback. I hope it’s OK.

Have a great Wednesday!

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The issue I’m having is that I can not plan my workflows in a spreadsheet with the proper syntax to make it automate. Like if I export a project to CSV how is the importer reading that “New Section:” is a section vs a task?

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Welcome to the Forum @Efa_Mboto :wave: Naty here, stepping in for my Marie.

Sections and dependencies are currently not included when exporting a project; apologies for the inconvenience! We already have a thread requesting this functionality in the #productfeedback category. I would encourage to upvote for it in case you haven’t yet: Include Sections and dependencies to CSV Export + Import

Please, let me know if there is anything else I can help you with! Have a nice day!

Hi!! I guess there are no updates on this, so…

I just figured out a way to “fix” this with Zapier, if the worfklow has less than 20 steps.

I created a List Project with sections, to be used as the current view of the project of the worflow in proccess (sorry if my English is bad, actually I speak Spanish, I hope this makes sense)

Then, I created a Zap in zapier with multiple steps, so when a Tag “X” is added, it triggers the whole automation, that creates different tasks within the sections that are already in the List Project.

This type of automation also lets you delay certain steps, and add descriptions, asign people and tags to each task, so it’s way better than just copying and pasting a list with sections and tasks.

Of course it takes a lot of time to set this up, but once done, it works great!!!

In action, it looks like this:

This may require us to restructure some projects, but I think it’s worth it.

I hope this gives you some inspiration to work around this missing piece.



i used to constantly perform these types of operations to demo the power of asana to teammates. what a bummer.

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