Sync to calendar - choose which fields?


I did a quick search, but couldn’t find this question elsewhere:
Is there any way to choose which fields sync to Google calendar? Since I can’t share a “view only” link to a project with outside people (which would be my first preference), I’m attempting a workaround by creating a public Google calendar, so I can then share that link with my external committee. But it syncs description and notes, too, and I’d rather not have outside people seeing all of that - it can get long, unwieldy, and will be confusing to non-staff.

Is this possible? Or do I just resign myself to a messy workaround? :-/


Unfortunately you can choose the fields you share to the Calendar. You maybe able to use Zapier to create items in the calendar when you create or update tasks.



I believe it’s either everything or nothing unfortunately. You can use an integration like Zapier to do it (I have one that when an event is created, so is a task, etc.) - however it wouldn’t be a true ‘sync’ - meaning if you changed the task title or something, it wouldn’t then go back and update that event.


Yeah, I think you’re right. It’s too bad: I love Asana most of the time, but I wish there was better functionality around sharing with outside people. Because if I could just share a read-only link to the project calendar in Asana, I wouldn’t even need the sync.
I’ll explore the Zapier option to see if that can give me a bit of a workaround.