Swap the location of owner and project name in Portfolio Timeline view

As others have mentioned while asking for UX adjustments, having project titles truncated while in the Timeline view in Portfolios really hurts legibility of the entire view. At a bare minimum the project title column should be either expandable or set to a larger default size. We have never had a single project title under the current 16 character field of view which means you’re constantly mousing over each project one at a time to read the full title.

By odd contrast, the project owner is given massive amounts of space within the timeline project bar, which is unnecessary. It is far more likely that teams are familiar with who the project owners are than the titles of the projects. Most companies will always have more projects than people, so it stands to reason the most important use of space is to promote the project title, not the project owner.

A simple solution would be to swap the location of the project title into the timeline bar and move the project owner to the left hand column. With that, the current character limit of the left hand column at 16 characters would allow for (maybe?) half of all team member names to be fully displayed, an improvement from the 100% truncation of project names everyone has today.

Thanks for listening :slight_smile:


AJ2, I agree wholeheartedly.

Adding in a bump for this. I would prefer to see my project name span the timeline, not the owner of said project.