Support Shift+Enter for Line Breaks

It’d be a nice formatting addition to allow line breaks to be added with the keyboard shortcut, Shift + Enter.

This is particularly useful for multiple lines within a single bullet:

This was mentioned here, too:

Thanks for sharing this feedback with us @Adam-Involute, i’ve gone ahead and merged the existing feedback thread with this one to gather all votes and feedback on one single thread and maximise our chances to see this feature implemented. I can’t promise when this will be prioritised, but I’ll be sure to keep you posted as soon as I have an update!


Is there a way (or workaround) to turn OFF the shortcut CTRL-ENTER for setting a task to “complete”.

Many mistakes are made within our organisation because of this, In a lot of other programs this is the standard shortcut for LINE BREAK ( or Page break)…))

When typing in COMMENTS it works “correct” ( line break) but when typing in "description"it sets the task to “complete”

please advise


Hello, are we The Only ones having this problem , maybe it is a Dutch thing?!:joy::rofl:

I’m with you guys, honestly, it is so awful without line-breaker - both ctrl+enter and shift+enter are useless.

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I just wanted to add that I was also looking for this and I would really appreciate if you could add this to Asana.

Also I have found out that it is possible to have this formatting by copying “the line break” from another editor to Asana.

For example (using any text-edit program or even in the browser):
Write some text, Shift+Enter, write more text - then copy to Asana and change the text.
I hope I managed to explain…

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shift + enter = line break.
that is a standard.

shift + enter => completing task courses me a lot of trouble.
Have to undo alike a lot.
At least offer setting to disable shift + enter => complete task
Better allow default behavior.

btw: I love Asana :wink:

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Would love to see this feature as well!

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I totally agree - formatting is essential!

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I would love to see an option to turn off (at the user level) “Ctrl + Enter” to mark a task complete. When “Ctrl + Enter” is your workflow for Slack, Gmail, etc., it’s way too easy to accidentally mark Asana tasks complete. Our firm manages a high volume of Asana tasks, so we have to do a weekly audit of any tasks accidentally marked complete.


Hi there! I’ve just implemented “disabling ctrl + enter shortcut” feature on this Chrome extension: Asana Extra Key Mappings - Chrome Web Store
I hope you guys enjoy task managing with the extension.