Support Image Preview in CMYK

Hi Asana team, I am using Asana to show illustration progress for a printable book. The files I need to use for printing are CMYK but Asana only previews jpgs correctly if i convert them to RGB.
This seems like a bit of an obvious feature, as i’m sure i’m not the only person working in CMYK and sharing image updates with clients/colleagues.

It is a software issue where the conversion settings just aren’t set up correctly and it ends up blowing out all the colours when previewing in an RGB world.
This means I need to save two sets of Jpgs everytime i want to share something with Asana and it adds a lot of time.

There may be a workaround already within Asana but i haven’t seen it. So could you please add this feature? Pretty please?


Hi @davies.designated, thanks for reaching out and taking the time to share your feedback with us!

We use png for thumbnails and for this reason we currently don’t support CMYK. For context, PNG was designed for transferring images on the Internet, not for professional-quality print graphics, and therefore does not support non-RGB color spaces such as CMYK. I see how this can improve your workflow, I’ll make sure to update this thread as soon as we have plans to launch this option. Let me know if you have any questions.