Suggestions on using Asana with content that goes through several approvals and phases?

My company produces elearning programs from start to finish meaning our content goes through outlining, scripting, several review processes, storyboarding, pre, production, and post, and then is uploaded to various LMSs depending on our clients. I’m running two projects right now on Asana and trying to find the best way to move a single, smallest piece of content (a short video say) through the entire process while maintaining it’s link and position to other types of content (text, quizzes, images, etc).

Right now I have a team for each elearning program. Inside the team there are three projects - scripting, storyboarding, and production. In the scripting project, a piece of content is organized within its lesson and goes through “not started, blocked, in progress, ready for review, needs changes, script approved.” Once the piece achieves “script approved” it is moved to the storyboard project where it goes through the same process ending with “storyboard approved” from there it is moved to the production project where the final stage is “video approved”

As each task (piece of content) achieves the end of an approval cycle “script approved,” “storyboard approved,” and “video approved” I want it to be completed in one project and moved to another project (I have the ability to use custom rules). Unfortunately, I can make the piece of content complete and move to another project but then it is linked and remains complete in the new project unless I reopen it, in which case it is reopened in the previous project as well.

Is there a way to complete a task or piece of content in one project, move it to the next project, and have it be opened there so it can go through the whole process?

I’ve shared some screenshots of the project both for others looking for setting up a similar project and to give you an idea of my need.