Suggested enhancements: Alphabetized list & better sub task view


We’d like to suggest the following features:

  1. The ability to alphabetize the project list. We sometimes have a dozen projects on that list. Being able to alphabetize would improve usability.
  2. We would love to see anyone who has a subtask appear on the tile in a project board. Seeing everyone’s avatar underneath the project lead’s picture would give a quick visual cue of who is involved.

Thanks for the consideration.


Thanks for the great ideas, @Janette_Shaffer. We’ll pass these along to the team for considering future improvements.

For project sorting, while there is no way to automatically sort them alphabetically, you can drag and drop them to re-order them and can put them alphabetically with this manual process in each team and your favorites (that’s how I have my favorites organized :slight_smile: ). If you have a point person on each team manage the order, it can be a good practice to keep the team orderly.


I’d like to see the avatar on the actual parent task in board view. I’d also REALLY love to see 2 more subtask enhancements in board view on parent tasks:

  1. The # of subtasks.
  2. The # of complete vs. incomplete subtasks (or some visual cue ask to how many are done vs. outstanding).


I’d also like to add that I’d like to see some sort folder structure for projects. For example, my team has about 13 projects for upcoming work this year that we don’t need immediately that adds a bit to the clutter of our project view. But I LOVE everything else!!!


Agree with @Janette_Shaffer and it would be also great to have feature which allow you sort alphabetically tasks in project sections as is shown on attached image.


I’d like to push this one, it’s the reason i joined the community =D

Main reason for this feature is that I’m using short names for our clients in the beginning of each task.
(We also use Tasks and Subtasks instead of Projects and Tasks, but this is due to internal reasons


I actually came here just to ask for this specific feature: alphabetically sort tasks in projects in between sections. Currently, sections themselves will be sorted out but most users just want to sort tasks in a section, not all project’s tasks.