Status Updates: Need options for "remind me every ___"

Hi, all!

As our digital agency’s marketing coordinator, I update the status of all of our projects so that our team knows what’s coming up for the week. I do this every Monday so that we have a roadmap for our work.

But…Asana only gives users the option to “Remind me to update the status every Friday”! I think Friday is a poor choice for updating projects.

-First off, your team has probably already checked out of work on Friday when you update the status.
-It also creates a 2-day gap (the weekend) between the status update and the subsequent work that probably needs to be done.

Sure, I could make myself a reoccurring task due every Monday that reminds me to update project statuses, but I don’t want to have to create a workaround! Asana, please give people options for status update reminders similar to the way you give options for recurring tasks, and allow us to pick which days we want to remind ourselves to update statuses :slight_smile:

Agree with me? Leave a comment! Or maybe there already is a solution to this?! Comment and let me know!

I would recommend using recurring Tasks instead.

I have a small request to make: as I don’t work on Fridays (yes, lucky me :-), I’d like asana to remind me about making status updates on Thursday, or one a day of the week I can select, more generally. And if you want to add a little icing on top, an adjustable period might also make sense - like, every other week, once a month …

Thanks for the feedback @Werner_Beck; I’ve gone ahead and merged your thread with Status Updates: Need options for “remind me every ___” as your requests are very similar. @Vince_Mustachio advice could also be a good solution for the time being :slight_smile:

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Hi Marie,

Has this issue been resolved yet? Just wondering as I am brand new to Asana and I would like to be notified on a day beside Friday.


Not yet @Sean_Leone, I’m afraid it hasn’t been prioritised yet, but I’ll make sure to keep you posted as soon as I do!

Has there been any update on this issue? i too don’t work on Fridays :stuck_out_tongue:

Hello, I second this! I would also like to add that it would be amazing if these reminder tasks could include the name of the project. I have multiple projects on the go at once and the generic update reminder tasks aren’t as helpful as they could be. Also - it would be great if you could set the frequency of reminders. Some projects would be once a fortnight, some twice a week etc. Thanks!

Our team would also love it if we could change the date of the built-in status update reminder and the date of the email for a portfolio.

We are trying to use status updates via asana rather than our old method of just editing a shared Google Doc. However we have to turn in our status updates by Thursday end of business so our boss can have them by Friday morning so he can share those with his boss.

It would be great to be able to have everyone reminded to submit their updates by Thursday and for the portfolio email to be sent on the Friday.

Rather it would be great to be able to customize the date for when the status update reminders for each project goes out and to customize when the email for all of the statuses of a portfolio gets sent.

Fully agree on the need to customize the reminder date for the reasons listed above. Many countries Friday is a weekend, and many companies and teams works a flex schedule. The work around of creating a task is clunky and often results in the status update being posted in the task instead of the Project Status section!

Finally I would add, it would even better to make this option accessible/visible to all project members as currently it is only visible to the project owner and off by default. So if I am assigning a project to a team member I am not able to set (or see if they set) this reminder which will inevitably lead to missed status updates.

The only option that I have to remind me for project status updates is on Friday. But not all projects, sprints, run on a M-F schedule. It would be very helpful to customize this field to be able to send reminders on any day of the week.

Welcome to the Forum @Nolan_McConnell1 and thank you for sharing your feedback with us!

Other users have suggested the same feature so I’m merging your post with the existing thread about this topic to consolidate feedback! I hope it’s OK!

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